When choosing your curtaining there is more to decide than color and pattern. There are other important aspects that will significantly affect the appearance of the finished installation, the overall cost and durability. Our promise to you is to go beyond what you first request. We will introduce you to options available to you and offer you more than you initially expect at comparatively more affordable cost. Put our promise to the test today. Contact us right away for a free no obligation quote.

  • Pulley system is built into the wave track rail
  • No more doing gather
  • No more using hooks
  • The creates its own wave gather
  • No extra charge for pulley system


  • Wave Pleat
  • Eyelet
  • Pinch Pleat
  • Waterfall Tape
  • Smok Pleat
  • X-Pleat

Custom made for your satisfaction. Free measurement & Quotation.

We install and hang the curtains.